It began with inspiration
and a need for a healthy

In 2007, Michael Ball, the creative force behind global brands Rock & Republic and pro cycling’s Rock Racing, embarked on a quest to fill a nutritional void in the beverage industry fueled by the performance demands of his two worlds – fashion and sports.

As a fast-paced fashion industry CEO, he understood the toll of stress, long days, travel, little sleep, poor eating habits, and dehydration on the body. As the team owner of a men’s professional cycling team and a former track cyclist, he knew first-hand the physical punishment athletes endured and the depletion they felt on a daily basis. He watched as athletes and fashion executives alike reached for sugary, chemically caffeinated or artificially sweetened drinks to boost power levels.

For the health conscious, power in a can wasn’t nutritious. It wasn’t hydrating. It wasn’t natural.



From Inspiration
to Innovation

Driven to create what didn’t exist — a formula to increase endurance, optimize performance and elevate power levels naturally, Ball assembled a team of experts to lead an all-out assault on the status quo. Seeking only natural, synergistic ingredients and willing to push the boundaries of beverage technology, the team developed a prototype that proved it could be done.

While researching Eastern philosophies and the healing botanicals used for centuries, they were drawn to the properties of red marine algae, a nutrient-rich ocean plant packed with vitamins, minerals, complete proteins and essential fatty acids. This therapeutic red super food became the catalyst for radical innovation, powering a precise combination of botanical ingredients, natural caffeine from green coffee bean, vegetable extracts, and a low glycemic sweetener that does not spike blood sugar and cause the fatiguing sugar “crash.” The result: +RED Elixirs, extraordinary hydration and a long-lasting natural power.

The Movement

After more than five years of formula development, clinical studies, and technological innovations, +RED is redefining the functional drink market with a new category — the Power Elixir®. It is a convergence of power, hydration, and nutrition for optimal performance. It is the fuel for the new revolution and the beginning of a movement for better taste, better health, and better performance.